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By Melanie Nathan, October 05, 2023

WARNING to LGBTQI+ REFUGEES IN KENYA: Please note that when a march against LGBTQI+ people occurs on the streets in Kenya, it places all LGBTQ people at risk of violence and retribution, including foreigners under UNHCR protection. We are advising that foreigners and refugees do not counter protest unless willing to accept the risk of violence and possible arrest , which may include deportation - and that you remain off the streets to focus on your own safety for the day of the March.

The March is scheduled by clerics and community for October 06, a Friday, and for October 23rd, at 1.30 PM from Jamia Mosque to the Supreme Court and then to Parliament. See the notice below which is spreading over social media.

If we have learned anything at all - it is that hate spreads and then hate causes violence which also spreads. Kenya is following the playbook of neighboring African nation, Uganda, promoting the new anti-LGBTQI+ legislation has been introduced into Parliament by Homa Bay Town legislator Peter Kaluma,

Kenya is considering the Family Protection Bill 2023, which could lead to 50-year prison sentences for non-consensual same-sex acts. Protests in the Country are calling for the legislation. To make it seem necessary that Parliamentarians support such outrageous legislation the proponents from religious extremist groups are upping the ante by calling for even more marched AGINST LGBTQI+ people.

The new bill aims to ban homosexuality, same-sex unions, and LGBTQ activities and campaigns. It also intends to prohibit gay parades, assemblies, marches, and public 'cross-dressing.'

According to the bill, individuals engaging in non-consensual same-sex acts could face imprisonment for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 50 years. Owners of premises used for same-sex relations may be fined $14,000 (£11,000) or serve a seven-year jail term if the bill becomes law. This development follows recent anti-LGBTQ protests in Mombasa by clerics and civil society organizations, who continue to call for more protests, thereby spreading anti-LGBTQI+ sentiment and making the country even more dangerous for LGBTI people than it already is. So cleric are calling for yet another march - want to ensure that the populace is riled up enough to ensure that the politicians pass the horrendous law. The politicians are driven by what the populace calls for and so these marches are intended to drum up support and encourage politicians to pass the law.


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