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Police Raid Party and Arrest 57 Suspected Gays in Nigeria

It was ONLY a PARTY! To Call it anything else and to make arrests pursuant to lies is pure persecution!

Nigerian police reportedly arrested 57 people at a Lagos Hotel, all suspected of being gay at a party over the weekend. The police were tipped off that a party with gay men was taking place in the hotel, as homosexuality is banned in that country.

BBC Reports: “When the men sighted the police, they took to their heels but the police arrested 57 of them,” a Premium Times report quoted the state police commissioner Imohimi Edgal as saying.

In typical anti-homosexuality fashion, and as a way to justify the arrests of people perceived as gay Edgal pun his versions saying that police acted as “intelligence gathered revealed that some youths will be initiated into a Gay/Homosexual Club". This is a way to demonize gay people rather than to simply understand that this was more than likely a mere gathering of friends celebrating a birthday party.

One of the arrested suspects James Obialy told News Agency of Nigeria, “I am not a gay, I am a dancer and I was there to perform before I was arrested”.

“It was a birthday party and majority of us don’t know one another. I was invited by my friend Muyiwa for the party, and we were not only guys in the party, few ladies were with us and other ladies were in the hotel rooms getting dressed for the party,” another arrested suspect Wealth Olasunkanmi said, according to Premium Times.

Homosexual acts in Nigeria are punishable by law and one can face up to 14 years in jail.

The Lagos State Police Command confirmed the arrests. The manner and invasion is actually persecutory and suspect in terms of Constitutionality even iunder the newer Anti-Homosexuality laws of Nigeria.

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