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African HRC Support the Students of the USA as they Demand their Right to a SAFE Education

Tragedy after tragedy culminated in the February 14 massacre of 17 students and teachers at The Marjory Stoneman Douglas School in Parkland, Florida, and it continues beyond, through gun violence, leaving not a single American community unscathed. Today hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and across the world have united in support of the students who now take over and lead on this issue.

The students are "marching for their lives" today in Washington D.C. and all around the United Sates and world, calling for an end to gun violence, through gun control measures that include banning assault weapons, ammunition magazines, and calls for ending loopholes in the background checks. The students assert #ENOUGH #NEVERAGAIN #GUNCONTROL We at African Human Rights Coalition support all human rights: THE RIGHT TO A SAFE EDUCATION is a basic human right. It is crucial that all children, worldwide, should be safe in their schools and on their way to school. At this time the American politicians who receive money from the NRA are corrupt in their failure to ensure this basic human right. They are in breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as is any politician who fails on this issue. Its time for change in America and we see it looming. Stand strong. Do not give up. This is just the start!

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