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World Refugee Day 2023 - Honoring LGBTQI+ Refugees

Today, THIS WORLD REFUGEE DAY, 2023, African Human Rights Coalition honors the most courageous of people in our LGBTQ+ global family - LGBTQI+ REFUGEES.

LGBTQI+ REFUGEES are forced to flee from their countries of origin because they are criminalized for who they are and who they love. The most basic of human rights is to have the freedom to BE and to LOVE. Yet LGBTQI+ people are robbed of this basic right to being - their human-ness - all around the world.

LGBTQI+ refugees are ostracized and fleeing criminalization, violent persecution and discrimination, facing unimaginable journeys, with little choice but to seek protection in hostile host countries where they are again criminalized and robbed of these freedoms.

They wait years for durable solutions, resettlement not guaranteed, and living in the harshest of environments.

Courage, dignity and hope persists in a cruel world with little resources dedicated to this tragic reality, all on our watch.

African Human Rights Coalition, is 100% LGBTQI+ refugee, immigrant and LGBTQI+ led. We are the ONLY organization that is 100% dedicated to LGBTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers in and from African Countries. We provide humanitarian, legal and advocacy support, and have urgent needs - as we watch the numbers increase exponentially given the current rise in anti-homosexuality sentiment, fueled by new or proposed legislation in countries such as Uganda, Ghana and Kenya. Our teams are on the ground in Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Burundi. We cannot stress enough how urgent this humanitarian crisis is at it continues to unfold. PLEASE HELP CELEBRATE THIS DAY by acknowledging the courage, resilience, brilliance and love through your GIFT that saves lives - WWW.AFRICANHRC.ORG/DONATE

THANK YOU ALUTA CONTINUA MELANIE NATHAN Executive Director African Human Rights Coalition


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