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World Humanitarian Day 2022

Today is World Humanitarian Day – a day when we honor and celebrate those who serve courageously on frontlines, risking their own lives, to help protect and provide for those who are surviving persecution, violence, discrimination, colonialism, criminalization of SOGIESC, persecution, war, injustice, disasters and climate change.

Without the help of humanitarian aid workers, many LGBTQI+ people in forced displacement would not survive, often also contending with hostile host environments.

Today we remember those aid workers who have lost their lives and been injured doing this life-saving humanitarian work.

AT AHRC we would like to take this opportunity to also celebrate those among our brave humanitarian workers, who are LGBTQI+ Ambassadors for African Human Rights Coalition (AHRC), who also include vulnerable refugees, living in needy and dangerous circumstances, yet willing to do all they can to share limited resources and protect fellow refugees.

The picture above reflects one of the AHRC LGBTQI+ refugee led groups preparing for a supplemental food distribution in a Zambian Transit Center, where their own future remains tenuous and unsafe. We honor all those who work tirelessly at Humanitarian Agencies. We are grateful to all who answer the call. With that we must acknowledge that this humanitarian work is not possible without the generosity of our donors.

Many thanks for the love and generosity Aluta Continua Melanie Nathan Executive Director African Human Rights Coalition


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