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Why is Darfur Starvation and Genocide Ignored by those who March for Palestinians

by Melanie Nathan, February 01, 2024.

We see the world quite capable of outrage, even when outrage is based on untruths and deeply seated unchallenged myth. Why are American students not marching for DARFUR? "Why is Darfur Ignored by Human Rights World" - perhaps racism - perhaps the idea that Africans are less important than Palestinians, when viewed comparatively. I simply do not understand why the world is not marching for the people of DARFUR- to draw attention to inhumanity, suffering and the current catastrophe- all man made. That silence speaks volumes. The only answer if not pure racism by the hypocrites that scream APARTHEID, is antisemitism. Antisemitism is a stronger driving force than truth, care and genuine concern about the humanity and human rights of all people.

Bearing Witness: Atrocities and Looming Hunger in Darfur

"A Report Informed by Darfur Refugees in Eastern Chad via Refugee International: Daniel P. Sullivan is the director for Africa,

As war continues to engulf Sudan, mass atrocities are once again underway in Darfur. Much like Darfur’s genocide 20 years ago, these atrocities are driving forced displacement and humanitarian need. As these atrocities go unaddressed amid little international attention and without increased aid, many more people will die due to hunger and disease in the months ahead.

So far, some half a million refugees have fled Darfur for eastern Chad where they join about 400,000 refugees who had been living in camps since the earlier mass killings in Darfur. The new displacement has overwhelmed an already faltering humanitarian response. And by all accounts, the number of people seeking refuge in Chad will increase in the year ahead if the conflict and atrocities keep apace and as hunger sets in.

Our new report is based on research in eastern Chad in November 2023. Our interviews – including with people just arriving from the massacre in Ardamata – made clear that mass atrocities are ongoing in Darfur, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, and – once again – potentially genocide. The report recommends steps to address the ongoing atrocities and ensuing hunger crisis."

Darfur is a region of western Sudan. Dār is an Arabic word meaning "home [of]" – the region was named Dardaju while ruled by the Daju, who migrated from Meroë c. 350 AD, and it was renamed Dartunjur when the Tunjur ruled the area.

In 2003, some African rebel groups attacked a government post in Darfur in a desperate effort to urge the government to provide roads, hospitals, and schools. The government responded with a genocidal campaign not only against the rebels, but against all non-Arabs in the Darfur region.

PIC: Reuters


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