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Unacceptable Biden and Harris Admin Hypocrisy on Title 42

By Melanie Nathan, March 30, 2022


If the Biden administration does not immediately LIFT TITLE 42 - then it is clearly turning its back on LGBTQI asylum, seekers and all the others waiting at our borders since TRUMP instituted the policy. If BIDEN can make an exception for Ukrainians and Russians - and yet still continues TITLE 42 at the same time he will mark himself as one who props up the very white supremacist policy we all thought belonged only to Trump! This is unacceptable.

Unlike any other group, Ukrainians are being granted exemptions to Title 42, a World War II-era public health law originally meant to stop contagious disease from spreading to the U.S. They are welcome but this is unacceptable.

Reports are being received that the U.S. sneaked in a group of 35 Russians at the U.S. Mexican Border bypassing Title 42 Rules. While they are welcome – all should be under the same terms. Is it money? Is it skin color? This is unacceptable.

Extremely traumatized and marginalized LGBTQI+ asylum seekers have been returned or waiting for months in subpar and dangerous conditions, and Biden still maintains TITLE 42 - a Trump Policy excuse to keep people of color and LGBTQI+ people out of America. We have been fighting Biden for months to change this and now must bear witness to exceptions to the rule that defies any understanding of what the rule purports to do.

This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be reviewing Title 42 to decide whether to end this policy. Title 42 is a Trump-era policy under which migrants and asylum seekers have been summarily expelled to danger without the opportunity to seek safety in the United States. Over the past months, members of Congress, public health, migrant rights and humanitarian organizations, and advocates like you have been calling on the administration to end Title 42 and restore access to asylum humanely for all.

Last week, hundreds of concerned community members took to the streets across the country from coast to coast.

This week, we hear Ukrainians and Russian are exceptions. JUST END IT PRESIDENT BIDEN WITH THE STROKE OF A PEN! NOW!


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