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Ugandan Parliament Introduces Three Years Jail for CHILDREN practicing Homosexuality - Debating Now

THIS PROPOSED LAW IS PERSECUTORY AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL and contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. THE BILL is based on myth and lies about sexuality and gender identity and serves to scapegoat Uganda's Gay LGBTQI+ community to divert from the extreme corruption of so many Parliamentarians.

It is a political tool in the true sense of Nazism. Hunts, Jail, Exterminate! Uganda has very serious issues such as evidenced by a 33 year dictatorship. Yet this averts the eye from all the ills plaguing the country including poverty.

The law licenses extreme violence against LGBTQI+ people and will cause mass flight.

While a global response is required it must be measured and most importantly special pathways to safety and protection must be made for Uganda's LGBTQI+ community, including funding for safe shelter, transport, medical needs and food.

The new Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently being debated in the Ugandan Parliament seeks to criminalize children, with 3 years in prison.

One of the Parliamentarians suggested that the sentence should be stronger because children could easily be tempted to take money to be lured into the practice of homosexuality and that a mere three years would make it worth it.

This is an outrageous contradiction - how can one be sentenced for a crime when one is not old enough to consent.

98% of these Parliamentarians support this and the previous KILL THE GAYS BILL. Message to the Parliamentarians, if Uganda does not care about ALL its citizens the global LGBTQI+ community will! We are lawyers, we are doctors, we are teachers, we are nurses, we are librarians, we are dentists, architects, salespeople, artists, musicians, WE ARE CEO's of APPLE, Officers of major corporations, and we are NOT criminals, nor immoral people. We do not recruit children. Pedophiles do. Pedophiles are straight and gay and they ought to be dealt with by the law. BUT LGBTQI+ people should not be judged as pedophile just because of their sexuality - just as heterosexual people should not all be judged pedophile.

Details to follow.


UPDATED - Proposing 20-50 years in jail for so called promotion of homosexuality.

This includes broadcasters and media companies such as NETFLIX- a banning if they do not strip Uganda of the content that is considered promoting LGBTQI+ UPDATED THE AMENDED BILL POST COMMITTEE AND FULL HOUSE READING

LPA3-23-Report on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2023
Download PDF • 3.05MB


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