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Uganda's Shocking Anti-LGBTI Law Risks Triggering Copycat Continent

Today, May 30 Journalist Rachelle Chase published an article in the Des Moines Register about Uganda's new Anti-Homosexuality Act, pathways for those forcibly displaced by the resulting Ugandan country conditions. The article is entitled: "Homosexuality in Uganda is Punishable by Death: Ugandans need our Help.

One of the quotes she chose from me was " "This (law) really restricts the rights of LGBTQI Ugandans and is a really shameful day for Uganda in targeting and scapegoating a small minority community that, in truth, does no harm," Nathan said. "And I believe that this law will have a dramatic effect across the entire continent, and will encourage further anti-homosexuality, legislation that will totally close down any of the small openings for pathways out of criminalization and demonization of this community throughout the continent." Well it did not take long: All of Africa is watching. This is precisely why our global reaction must be swift and it must be a voracious condemnation including robust action, sanctions with significant consequences.

In a Monitor Article the Kenyans and expressing support and interest in copycat legislation. Carrying enormous political weight are Kenya's clerics, and they are weighing in with congratulations and support for Museveni's attestation to the Bill: " The council's deputy chairman, Sheikh Abubakar Bini, congratulated President Museveni and urged other leaders in Africa to emulate him."


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