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Uganda's Choice: Lose Trade Benefits if AHA Becomes Law

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Uganda's Choice: Parliament to Decide - Kill Gays or Trade with America and the World

By Melanie Nathan, April 28, 2023 THE FULL ARTICLE IS HERE: The United States is threatening sanctions against Uganda should the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 become law. The legislation which carries life in prison and a death penalty for so called "aggravated homosexuality" is likely to become law in the next few weeks, either through the assent of President Museveni or by a two third majority vote in Parliament. Currently the law has been returned to Parliament for amendments at a plenary session to be convened on May 02, 2023. The United States Senator Ron Wyden, has penned a letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai, from the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, as shown below, expressing concern for the passage of the law in Uganda and calling on Blinken and Tai to communicate to President Museveni that the United States will revoke Uganda’s status under the AGOA, a law from 2000, that provides duty free treatment for certain imports originating in Uganda, as long as the beneficiary country, such as Uganda, does not engage in gross human rights violations.

THE FULL ARTICLE IS HERE: ---------- Uganda's Sovereign Rights Let us be clear - this is not the United States telling Uganda what it can and cannot legislate. This is with full respect for Uganda's sovereignty to enact any law it chooses. But that does not mean Uganda will get a free pass to enact laws that breach human rights. The United States is reminding Uganda, preemptively, that unless it adheres to basic international human rights standards, they do not get to participate in global import benefits. Uganda is welcome to isolate itself from the world if they cannot join the world in recognizing that LGBTQI+ people are not the deviants and pedophiles they tout with such ill-considered vehemence vehemently to underpin this law. As much as Uganda believes it has the right to its sovereign laws, America believes it has the right to uphold its commitment to basic human rights.



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