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Thinking of the Last Frontier as the RESPECT FOR MARRIAGE ACT SIGNED INTO U.S. LAW

AHRC celebrates the signing of The Respect for Marriage Act at the White House in the U.S.A. today. It was signed by President Joe Biden, who stood up for same-sex marriage equality in Washington DC while vice president, even before President Obama did, back in 2008.

Now same-sex marriage receives Federal law recognition - to avert the consequences of the case law that granted such in 2015 (Obergefell v. Hodges) being reversed, despite the threat of SCOTUS Justice Thomas in the DOBS case.

America still awaits the enactment of The EQUALITY ACT, - that ought to be next and fast because without it, as quoting the President, "you can get married in the morning and kicked out of a cake shop in the afternoon."

And then there is the the final frontier- decriminalizing SOGIESC worldwide!

The Final Frontier: As I celebrate my right to marry in the United States of America I cannot help but think of the thousands of LGBTQI+ people who are fleeing and forcibly displaced, worldwide, because they are criminalized for who they love. This is one of the greatest injustices of all time and yet very little is being done, while so much can be done to impact understanding and change. It’s not okay to celebrate without acknowledging the pain of those who cannot! MELANIE NATHAN: African Human Rights Coalition

70+ countries Worldwide consider LGBTI same sex relationships criminal, where discrimination and persecution is rife to include arrest, jail sentences, death penalty, licensing of violence, rape, torture, assault, killings etc. This signing of The Respect for Marriage Act will bring harsher consequences in those countries. - a backlash. There are way to avert this. Contact us for a briefing.

Pics: President Biden gives signing pen to VP Kamala Harris who played a huge role in the marriage equality movement.


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