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The Work of UNRWA in Gaza Serves as Lifeline

11/04/2023 09:22 AM EDT The Secretary of State Amman, Jordan UNRWA Headquarters

SECRETARY BLINKEN: Good afternoon, everyone. It’s both a pleasure and important to be here at UNRWA, which is doing extraordinary work every single day as a lifeline to Palestinians in Gaza and at great cost. More than 70 members of UNRWA lost their lives; thousands are putting their lives on the line every single day to show up at work to help people. I have extraordinary admiration for the courage that they’re showing, and we’re here to hear about the efforts, the ongoing efforts; to be able to talk to people in the field; and to express our own ongoing support for UNRWA’s work, including through the assistance that the United States has dedicated to UNRWA over the last three years.

So let me just say again our condolences to those who’ve lost their lives in trying to help others and our admiration for those who continue this vital work. Thank you.

------------------ African Human Rights Coalition supports the UNRWA humanitarian efforts, interim pauses for humanitarian aid in the defensive war to free Israel and Gaza from Hamas terrorists, following the brutal October 07, 2023 massacre and hostage in Israel of Jews, Arabs, Bedouins, Americans, Thai and citizens of other nationalities, and express our concern and heartbreak at the loss of life of those who serve such important work.

African Human Rights Coalition calls for the immediate safe release of all hostages held by Hamas, as well as the surrender by Hamas of all leadership and membership so that all lives in Gaza can be saved. Once such unconditional surrender occurs a ceasefire becomes the obvious result.

We believe this blood is entirely in the hands of Hamas. Had the massacre of such unfathomable brutality not occurred, none of these lives would be lost. It is now up to those who started it, to end it. -----------------


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