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The Ugandan Minister Who Hunted Gays is DEAD

Uganda's Former ethics and integrity minister Rev Fr Simon Lokodo is dead.

Ironically Fr Lokodo, one of the greatest human rights abusers who persecuted LGBTQI Ugandans was a member of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) and in commission of this work died Saturday morning in Geneva, Switzerland, according to a statement from the rights body.

The LGBTQI world will not be mourning this man's death, noting he is probably directly and indirectly responsible for much violence and resulting death to innocent Ugandans.

Melanie Nathan of African Human Rights Coalition notes: "Simon Lokodo, a former priest, promoted the horrific Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014, also known as THE KILL THE GAYS BILL, in Uganda. He hid his human rights abuses behind his title of MINISTER of ETHICS and INTEGRITY, between 2011 and June 2021 when he was dropped from cabinet. Two months later he was appointed as a commissioner for the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), the most incongruous and insulting of appointments imaginable. It is impossible to grieve or be sorry for the loss of someone who so maliciously connived against and hurt so many people, unjustifiably. He conducted witch-hunts of gay people, shut down HIV research, clinics and workshops, encouraged and gave license to unimaginable torture and persecution, bringing violence to a minority group, all because of their human sexuality and gender identity. This man served as a stain on Uganda! I have nothing more to say"

HERE are some of the very many articles written about him from Melanie Nathan's Advocacy BLOG since 2011:

Following the brutal and unconstitutional police raid on a pre- Uganda Pride event this week, the Uganda Pride Committee has issued a statement postponing the event. Uganda Pride Committee Statement: Dear community members, friends, partners/allies. We wish to thank you for the support in any kind you offered us and each other during yesterday’s police … MoreUganda Pride Postponed Due to Threats from Government Minister Lokodo

“Until such time as Ethics & Integrity are defined in our Constitution, and the role of the Minister can therefore be properly understood and interpreted, we call for the removal of this Ministry By Melanie Nathan, August 17, 2012. Uganda’s Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights & Constitutional Law (CSCHRCL) which was was honored By … MoreUganda’s Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights Slams Minister of Ethics Lokodo for Attacks on Gays

It is hard to believe that in 2018, this is still happening: Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Minister, Simon Lokodo, has blocked an HIV/Aids conference, saying it was organized to promote “homosexuality and other dirty things.” ALL AFRICA: In an interview with the Daily Monitor on Wednesday, Fr Lokodo said the conference organized by the Uganda … MoreUgandan Minister of Ethics Bans HIV/AIDS Conference

The Cherubs protest so loudly they can hardly wait for that echo “….I am not gay!” But they will kill you if YOU are – either drive gay youth to suicide or find a law to hang gays! By Melanie Nathan, August 13, 2012. A photographer from the United Kingdom, Rachel Adams, recently got together … MoreCelibate Ugandan Minister of Ethics Simon Lokodo Attempts to Justify Gay Arrests

For fear that some LGBTI people may show up?- Well that in truth is what it boils down to! Using gays as scapegoats again is a basic human rights infraction. I do not think the Ugandan people will fall for this ploy… Uganda’s misguided minister for ethics and integrity, Simon Lokodo, who is obsessed with what … MoreUganda Bans Popular International Music and Art Festival Blames it on the Gays

By Melanie Nathan, July 08, 2012. Ugandan Activists are fighting back after the Ugandan Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Hon. Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo closed down a private meeting of LGBTI community at a luxury resort in Entebbe, accusing the group of illegally “promoting” homosexuality. Four members of the LGBTI community in Uganda sued the … MoreUgandan Activists Fight in Court Against Minister Lokodo’s Anti-Gay Persecution

It is with sadness that we report the unconscionable ongoing persecution of LGBTI people in Uganda, where the Government helms attacks through homophobia and fails its own Constitution that purports to guarantee freedoms to all its citizens. It is this that serves to underpin the cancellation of Uganda Pride as explained by the organizers, below. … MoreUgandan Pride Cancelled and Government Minister Threatens Physical Harm

In August Uganda Pride was postponed after a brutal police raid shut down a pre-Pride beauty pageant. The Ugandan LGBT community attempted to hold its Pride celebration today, but was raided and shut down by Police, with reports, again, of many arrested. One well known LGBTI activist managed to avoid arrest by refusing to leave … MorePolice Raid Uganda Pride

Nineteen young men from the Children of the Sun Foundation (COSF), spent 49 days of hell and torture in Kitalya Prison, Uganda, where they were denied the right to lawyer visits. We now know why: As the young men emerged from the prison this week, after a lengthy battle in the Court and the subsequent … MoreUgandan LGBTI Detainees Released from Prison after 49 Days of Hell and Torture

“HELP they are taking us,” the real time call from RAM BAR in Uganda heard here in Marin County, California and the World should know Uganda Government is orchestrating the hunting of Gays …. In the early morning hours of Nov 11 a popular bar in Kampala, RAM BAR known to be frequented by LGBTQI community … MoreUganda Ramps up its War on Gays

“When you live in a homophobic country its is impossible to report even a violent crime perpetrated against you because you will be the one who is arrested!” Ugandan Gay Man A day ago Let’s Walk Uganda (LWU), a local LGBTQI support group was attacked by a screaming mob at the organization’s headquarters. Although a prominent … MoreUgandan Police Arrest Victims of Mob Attack and Force Anal Exams

Ugandan Coalition appalled by utterances by the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Hon. Simon Lokodo that he would call upon Ugandans to commit unlawful acts Here is the statement from The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law (the Coalition) in Uganda, condemning the Uganda Police Force’s actions as well as the horrific … MoreUgandan Human Rights Coalition Calls on Government to Respect the Law following Anti Gay Pride Raid

Reports that LGBT participants have been physically and emotionally Abused by Ugandan Police Reports are coming in from an Uganda Pride event, Mr. and Mrs. Pride, that police have raided, possibly made arrests of LGBTI activists and human rights defenders, while detaining attendees on the rooftop of a building.: An activist at the event informed … MoreBreaking Uganda Pride Participants Detained in Police Raid

Posted by Melanie Nathan, 21st November 2014, The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law (CSCHRCL), Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF), Rainbow Health Foundation (RHF), and Support Initiative for Persons with Congenital Disorders (SIPD) released a report on violations based on Sex Determination, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation (SDGISO) (SOGI) . … MoreUgandan LGBTI Human Rights Violations Report Released

By Melanie Nathan, June 23, 2014. Today the LGBT Community in Uganda suffered a blow when the case they had brought in the Ugandan courts against the Attorney General and the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Fr. Simon Lokodo, was dismissed with legal costs awarded against them. The case was brought after the Minister closed … MoreUgandan LGBT Community Loses Workshop Lawsuit Against Minister of Justice

The old Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014, known as “The Kill the Gays Bill,” which was voided by the Court because Parliament lacked a quorum, after it was signed into law by President Yoweri Museveni, may be headed back for another toss around, bringing enhanced danger to Uganda’s LGBTQI community and political points to the … MoreUganda Wants to kill the Gays Again

The pink triangle parallel between Nazi Germany and Africa’s Anti-Gay climate By Melanie Nathan, July 31, 2014. For me this was a very special San Francisco pride. I had the great honor to be appointed by the San Francisco Pride Board as community grand marshal, in recognition of my global LGBT activism, especially for criminalized … MoreInstallation of Pink Triangle – The Speech with a Chilling Nazi Analogy



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