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San Francisco Pride Stands with Ghana's LGBT+ Community in Solidarity

by Melanie Nathan, March 02, 2024 San Francisco Pride has condemned the new harsh anti LGBT law passed by the Parliament of Ghana. SF Pride has endorsed African Human Rights Coalition's statement, standing united with LGBT+ communities across the globe in solidarity with our Ghanaian family.

Here is San Francisco Pride's statement:

Ghana's Parliament has just passed dangerous new anti-LGBTQ+ legislation known as the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Act.

San Francisco Pride joins the African Human Rights Coalition  to stand in solidarity with GHANA'S LGBTQ community and all those who stand for freedom and democracy in that country.

We condemn this dangerous and draconian law in the strongest terms. It is a grave threat to Ghanaians and all who enter the country to include tourists.

This law is extremely onerous because it includes a provision that criminalizes one's identity, stating that anyone who "holds out" as LGBTQ will be subject to a prison term of up to three years.

It not only impedes the most fundamental rights of LGBTQ people, anyone perceived as such, human rights defenders, journalists, organizations, and allies, but also creates immense physical danger given the violence it serves to license by state and non-state actors alike. It is our hope that the U.S. Government will abide the calls of activists on the ground in taking appropriate action.

San Francisco Pride remains a beacon for our global LGBTQ+ family. We stand united.


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