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Petitioners Ask Ugandan Constitutional Court for Injunctions

By Melanie Nathan, AUG 11, 2023.

Today, the lawyers for the Petitioners in the Ugandan case of Constitutional Petition No. 15 of 2023, Prof. Sylvia Tamale & 8 others vs. Attorney General, Uganda, one of the three petitions before the Constitutional Court of Uganda challenging the Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023, have filed Applications asking the Constitutional Court for interim orders for a temporary injunction and/or to nullify the Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023 during the ongoing court vacation.*

The background to the application is that the higher courts - Court of Appeal/ Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court are on annual court vacation from 1st August 2023 until 31st August 2023, and yet violations continue to be meted out on a section of the population under the authority of the law. HRAPF representing Petitioners used the report of violence and violations that HRAPF issued to mark the two months of the coming into force of the law as evidence of this trend. See heightened JULY Violence Report that we believe is licensed by the new law: HERE AND BEFORE JULY HERE.

Filing of this application by HRAPF was done in conversation with the lawyers in Petition No. 14, Hon Fox Odoi & 7 Others v Attorney General, and Petition No. 16, Robert Rutaro v Attorney General, brought together by the Convening for Equality (CFE). The legal teams for the three petitions are all working in coordination.

*Applications No. 38 of 2023 , Applications No.13 of 2023 , Constitutional Application No. 12 of 2023, Constitutional Petition No. 15 of 2023

NOTE: Case Challenging Validity of Uganda's KILL THE GAYS BILL Filed In East African Court of Justice, Posted on July 26, 2023, by Melanie Nathan, ED African Human Rights Coalition and Country Conditions Expert for LGBTQI+ Ugandan Asylum Seekers in U.S.A, On 25th July 2023, the Convening for Equality (CFE)'s Legal Committee filed a case before the East African Court of Justice (EACJ) challenging the procedure through which the Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023 was passed. This was done in partnership with colleagues from the East African region who were consulted about the process. HERE


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