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Museveni Weakened and its not the Fault of the Gays

by Melanie Nathan, July 03, 2023

"The cracks in President Museveni's security strategy are increasingly apparent as disappointment grows and international cooperation diminishes" - according to publication Africa Intelligence. After a brutal attack by Al-Shabaab in May, a massacre near the DRC border in June, with over 38 dead children, it is clear that the Museveni military is unable to fend off threats and there may be more. The Ugandans need the American more than ever, yet have alienated the Biden administration through what the U.S. considers to be a major human rights infraction - legislation to "KILL THE GAYS." (Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023, AHA 2023) When approached to NOT attest to the AHA 2023 legislation Museveni gave the '"don't tell us, a sovereign country what to do, we don't need you" middle finger to the United States and seems to be coming back to haunt him with an expedited delivery of Karma. Can it be said that Museveni took his eyes off the real threat when devoting so much time and energy to the false threat of gays. The falsity, a perfect diversion from Uganda's oppressive dictatorial regime. Museveni asserted when signing the Anti-Homosexuality Act that Uganda's children were in danger because of gays and then less than a month later 38 children are slaughtered by terrorist attack on the border. If I was one of Uganda's Christian God-fearers - the Evangelical puppets, purveyors of "watch out Uganda, Kampala will be a Sodom and Gomorrah if you don't deal adequately with the abominable Satanic gays," - I would be looking closely at God's warning here and it would be: "Hey Uganda, you messed cannot legislate based on lie and myth - and you failed to check in with me - your LORD. I love the gays as much as any of my creation - now repeal that GODDAMN BILL and focus on the reality, not myth, - you will be terror free!"

While it is clearly in the U.S. interest to ensure terror on the continent of Africa is eliminated, any assistance here surely must come at a price..... can this be leveraged - is Museveni thinking that a weak Russia or a cautious China would substitute American aid, training and action to shore up those borders? Will Uganda's so called sovereignty take on new meaning when faced with REAL danger?

Lest we forget the LEAHY LAW- which prohibits the U.S. Departments of State and Defense from providing security assistance to foreign security units that violate human rights with impunity. Can it be said that by the very existence of the KILL THE GAYS BILL, security units from Uganda are violating human rights? If so - adios Uganda, no USA cannot help today. #REPEALAHA #UGKillsGAYS #AHA23 #AHA2023

By Melanie Nathan


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