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Lesbian Visibility Week at African Human Rights Coalition

In recognition of Lesbian Visibility Week we remind that African Human Rights Coalition is lesbian led.

Melanie Nathan, who founded the organization, a visible out lesbian continues to lead in tandem with AHRC Ambassadors on the Continent, those with lived experience, several in forced displacement, which includes lesbian leadership in countries such as Kenya,Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Cameroon. Despite extreme hardship this group of lesbians are the heartbeat of our work, bringing needs to the fore to ensure advocacy, medical attention, shelter, food and warmth for all fellow LGBTQI in each community. Among our lesbian team are strong advocates, speakers, writers, and profound strategists. While all of us are proud to be out as lesbians, asserting our visibility, often in the most luminous of ways, many among us are in severely dangerous environments, unable to be visibly out, safely, freely and overtly.

We work, every day at African Human Rights Coalition, hoping to impact change: No one should be criminalized or demonized based on their human sexuality, gender identity or who they love and hold in relationship. We pay tribute today to all courageous LESBIANS, whether able to be visible in the overt sense of the word, or not. To al we say: Your visibility is recognized through your authenticity, through your determination to serve all, even while in hiding or fleeing. Your visibility is expressed through your courage of being, and your fight for freedom.

Through all this you are seen and you are loved. Aluta continua TEAM AHRC

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