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Lawyers Association in Ghana Condemns New Anti-LGBT Act 2024

By Melanie Nathan, March 11, 2024

Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA is calling on Ghana to abandon the new ant- GBT legislation: CLA issued the below Statement expressing their concern regarding the passing by the Parliament of Ghana of the 'Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, 2024, the aka anti-LGBTQ Bill. It notes that the Bill is not introduced by Government but rather by a Private Member, being a Member of Parliament. This statement is one of the first to point out that the Bill endangers Lawyers representing clients. It also notes that it hurts Ghana's international commitments. It is in breach of its obligations under the Charter of the African Union and also at odds with it commitment under the Charter for Commonwealth countries, to which it belongs.

Melanie Nathan, Country Conditions expert on LGBTQI+ Ghana and other African countries.


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