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International Transgender Day of Visibility

International Transgender Day of Visibility platforms the absolute Human Right to live authentically, safely, equally and happily.

African Human Rights Coalition works with LGBQTI refugees and asylum seekers, supporting every human's right to their gender identity and sexuality.

The Trans Agenda for Liberation is a community-led guide towards the world we deserve. Trans people hold the knowledge, power, and joy to create a future where we can all not only survive but thrive. This agenda addresses the urgent political, legal, and social violence enacted against our communities, while channeling trans imagination to bring our boldest visions to life. The Trans Agenda grows out of the work that communities and individuals are already doing, and points toward work that still needs to be done.

The Trans Agenda centers the lives and voices of trans people of color, who have too often had to advance our collective liberation from the margins. Trans justice is migrant justice, disability justice, racial justice, environmental justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, and gender justice. An agenda for trans liberation is a blueprint for liberation for all.

We recognize the Trans Agenda as a living and loving document, ever evolving as we must to set all people free.



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