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Honoring Forcibly Displaced Trans People on Transgender Day of Visibility #TDOV

Today, March 31, is International Transgender Day of Visibility and this is the day African Human Rights Coalition (African HRC), the only Global LGBTQI organization dedicated to advocacy and humanitarian services for LGBTQI people forcibly displaced in and from African countries, celebrates International Transgender Day of Visibility, by honoring the courage of transgender and non-binary people in Africa and around the world. In doing so it is important to raise awareness about the persecution, violence and discrimination that trans people face around the world:

· Transgender people especially Black and Brown people, are subject to untenable violence.

· In the United States over 150 Anti-Trans Bills are currently before State legislatures

· 58,000 Trans youth are at risk of being denied the medical care they need. (Williams Institute)

· Over 70 countries criminalize human sexuality/ gender identity, of which over 30 are on the continent of Africa.

All of this results in the forcible displacement of Trans people seeking protection as asylum seekers or refugees, in impossible circumstances, often in hostile host countries or regions.

African HRC has advocated to bring an end to the Biden Administration’s continued implementation of Trump’s Title 42, keeping Trans people stuck on borders, unable to enter the USA for due process, exacerbating their danger and causing further harm and trauma. African HRC assists with resources, referrals, advocacy and direct emergency humanitarian assistance to Trans, Non-Binary and Queer people on the Continent of Africa, to include refugee camps. African HRC uniquely provides expert witness Country Conditions reporting to courts and immigration authorities for Transgender asylum seekers. PLEASE HELP US TO SPREAD THE WORD and especially at this time when much needed attention and funds are being diverted.

Please share African Human Rights Coalition’s above message on your social media or via e-mail. The awareness and support will be greatly appreciated.

In Solidarity, Melanie Nathan, Marc Cohen & Team African HRC


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