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Here is the Evidence: Opportunism and Fraud in LGBTQI+ Refugee and Asylum Spaces

AHRC ADVISORY ADVISORY: This evidence is not available to the public. Those who can access the article have the password already. I am revealing this so you can know that there is a LOT of frauds out there pretending to be LGBTQI+ - asking for money via social media, who are not authentic cases. . These people include those who smuggle family and friends into LGBTQI+ spaces seeking quick and fraudulent resettlement. This hardly happens in any event, as resettlement is not guaranteed to everyone (1% get resettled) and most people are denied for lack of credibility.. It also causes registrations and spaces to close down. This also hurts the genuine cases. For the longest time I was reluctant to make this public, thinking I would hurt the space. However it has become so pervasive that reporting it now is less risky than allowing it to continue. This will soon correct as the Embassies are apprised with evidence and have the information they need. However it means that people are encouraged to ensure their own spaces remain authentic, or you get pulled down with ring leaders and ultimately YOU end up being caught up in the risk mitigation process whereby even authentic cases are rejected. LINK TO EVIDENCE FOR AUTHORIZED PASSWORD HOLDERS:


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