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Ghana's Chief Imam and MPs Hateful Comments as Ghana High Court Soon to Rule on New Anti-LGBTQ Law

By Melanie Nathan, April 26, 2024

In a recent televised interview with Australian ABC TV, Ghana's Chief Imam and Members of Parliament have asserted strong language that may be viewed as hate speech. and religious extremism, all of which continues to underpin the new Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Act 2024, which is now pending a ruling on the constitutionality of the law in the Accra Court. The law has yet to be assented to by Ghana's President, who has stated that he is waiting for the Court ruling. However members of Parliament are attempting through an injunction to force the President to accept the Act for signature, prior to and regardless of the Court's impending decision.

In the video, linked below, Sheikh Armiyan Shaibu , the spokesperson for Ghana's Chief Imam explains that Islam treats homosexuality as "abominable, as reprehensible, as detestable, as prohibited .. in our words 'haram' as sinful among other sexual immoralities that one can practice to attract the wrath of God" (@ 0:45). LINK TO VIDEO: HERE

Ghana's Finance Ministry has warned that Ghana stands to lose billions of dollar in international aid, trade boycotts, sanctions etc, due to passage of this legislation.

MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, SAM NARTEY GEORGE - seems to be responding to the finance ministry assessment or some document in the court action, though not clear from the interview, where he says: "So that document is authored and sponsored by the association of sexual deviants and miscreants aka the gay lobby. They [are] a bunch of criminals and we must fish them out and name them and shame them. We hope President Akufo sticks to his word and signs that Bill. it is on his watch that we hope LGBTQ will not be established."



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