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Christian Evangelicals at Inter-Parliamentary Family Values Conference Endorses KILL THE GAYS

The American Evangelicals are on African soil promoting anti-homosexuality and death penalties for gays in a symbiotic relationship that serves oppressive African leaders and Evangelicals alike. Having lost to the equality movement in America and still losing globally, these Americans and some of their European cohorts see Africa and its political hunger for scapegoating to avert real issues, as fertile soil. This has been going on since the early 2000's with heightened periods of activity along the way.

These are the exporters of hate and homophobia. All the while propping up the false notion that it is homosexuality that is being exported to African countries.

What a coincidence (!) to see the likes of Sharon Slater, President of WATCH INTERNATIONAL and Chair of the United Nations Family Caucus, speaking at the first ever two-day Inter-Parliamentary Conference in Entebbe, all just in time for the new passage by the Ugandan Parliament of the Anti-Homosexuality ACT of 2023, otherwise known as THE KILL THE GAYS BILL, currently pending President Museveni's assent. REPORTING FROM THE CONFERENCE, UGANDAN MEDIA:

DR. WAHOME NGARE, chairman of the Kenyan Catholic Doctor's Association, promoting lies and myth about homosexuality:

Museveni declares homosexuality a deviation and more dangerous than drugs:

Museveni calls for Africa to get rid of homosexuality.

Museveni is likely to sign as he did the very similar piece of legislation back in 2014. However at that time the Ugandan Parliament did not have the requisite quorum for a Private Member's bill and so the Constitutional Court nullified the law on the latter technicality, never adjudicating on the merits. Museveni is calling for a "harmonization" of the law - all in preparation and attempted justification of his assent to the law.

And the set up and misinformation is rampant. Indeed the politicians and Christian Evangelicals are holding hands tightly.

By MELANIE NATHAN, April 18, 2023 COUNTRY CONDITIONS EXPERT WITNESS in American and Global Courts for LGBTQI+ people from Uganda, and 20 other African countries More information on country conditions reporting HERE


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