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By Melanie Nathan, May 26 2022,

Here we are in the United States fighting to open pipelines for refugees and asylum seekers escaping violence around the world, while our own children in the United States do NOT have the basic human right to a safe day at school, without turning up in a body bag. How can any human rights organization, world wide be silent about this? No matter who we are or where we are.

Yesterday 19 elementary school children in the U.S.A. were slaughtered, in cold blood, by an 18 year old shooter who had easy access to a gun - which served to allow this otherwise preventable massacre to happen, robbing those small children of their basic human right to LIFE!

America's freedoms as expressed through a reverence for its constitution cannot be called freedoms when small children lose the basic human right to LIFE! This would probably not have happened if politicians in the United States would stop cow-tailing to a gun lobby that fosters their power through political donations. This would not be happening if there was basic common sense gun laws - that fostered law abiding citizens to have guns under the Second Amendment, while ensuring reasonable measures to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people, the unstable and criminals - and also keeping assault weapons of war off the U.S. streets!

But Senators such as ted Cuz from Texas and Governors such as John Abbott, all from the Republican party, seem to have intentionally and willfully stood in the way of common sense gun laws, and open the law for the purchase of more firearms. It is time for the American people to reject the lie - the lie that common sense gun control, back ground checks, and a ban on assault weapons hurts their 2nd Amendment Right! The lie of tandem white supremacy ideology - that white people will be "replaced" if they do not arm up! The fear mongering! The LIE! The DAMN LIE! Gun control preserves the Second Amendment - it preserves it - while preserving the lives of small children, otherwise living in fear each and every day they go to school that they may not make it home to a parent. No small kid should have to face the drills, the loss of friends, and the trauma of living through a massacre. No parent no sibling no family no community should go through what happened yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. The Buffalo Massacre - where 10 black people were intentionally slaughtered in a grocery market, in the name of white supremacy - is another example where abuse of our Constitution robs people of the basic human rights to shop safely without being massacred! The First Amendment is treasured - anyone can say anything - yet the spread of hate slips through with those freedoms - calls for another look at where and how so called freedoms cause death!

And so to those who can mitigate this threat and carnage - Ted Cruz, John Abbott, Mitch McConnell, Rubio, Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, De Santis. Et Al! Do something now. Your hands are already stained blood red... you want more blood?

Here is a Tweet showing Texas Gov complaining that not enough guns are being sold. In serving as a walking and tweeting personification of an advertisement for the NRA and U.S. Gun Lobby- he should be held directly accountable for the Robb Elementary School Massacre - to the extent where he may as well have pulled the trigger!

And so America - stop preaching human rights to the rest of the world - get your own house in order! You have lost all moral authority on human rights and on Democracy when your minority takes control of legislative bodies that the majority thought it had won - to such an extent that the majority's desire for gun control is impossible to achieve. You have lost moral authority on your Constitution when it causes death rather than serving freedom. You have lost moral authority when criminals run government with impunity (circa Trump insurrection) and are revered - and you have lost moral authority when a large voting clump of your nation are subject to lies as spewed by so called "NEWS" media (circa FOX) so that they keep re-electing people who do not serve in the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE!


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