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AHRC Thanks Donors for a Miraculous 2023

What a year it has been. So much accomplished and with such limited funding. Although there has been no operational grants - there has been some serious and generous and caring donors, who we thank for providing for our programs:

We have been able to relocate and provide medical attention to Ugandans and other nationals who were victims of hunts, detentions, banishments, evictions, violent attacks and gang rapes.

We provided food to refugee and transit camps across the continent. We were able to provide medical advocacy as well as funding of emergency medical issues for injured and sick LGBTQI+ people forcibly displaced by the ongoing violence.

We provided country conditions reporting and expert witness testimony for LGBTQI+ asylum seekers in the USA from 15 different African countries. We have continued to keep politicians, global corps, academics, government agencies, NGO's, scholars, and you all apprised on the latest human rights news via our news page and our briefings at:

We have so much more work to do and we need your help. Donations can be made HERE.

We have assisted Journalists from across the globe with sourcing and briefings, to include CNN in this article by David McKenzie:

CNN FEATURES one of our African Human Rights Coalition Safe Houses in an excellent report on the influence of the American Evangelical and conservative extremists on the anti-LGBTQI+ legislation and climates in Uganda and Ghana


Activists link US nonprofit to anti-LGBTQ laws in Africa. The group says it’s only promoting ‘family values’

We have so much more work to do and we need your help. Donations can be made HERE.


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