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AHRC REPORTS the Week in Human Rights


At least 21 protesters and four police officers have been killed during anti-government protests in Sierra Leone on Wednesday. The protests targeted inflation and the rising cost of living, while the government has sought to describe the protesters as “terrorists.” (CNN) (background from Al Jazeera). There was calm on Thursday, but violence broke out again on Friday, and the government imposed a nationwide curfew on Friday. (New York TImes). Sierra Leone’s president has called the protests an attempt to “overthrow” the government. (Reuters). UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet promptly issued a statement expressing “alarm” at reported deaths and calling on the government to conduct “prompt, impartial, and thorough investigations.” (UN OHCHR Press Release). Amnesty International has also called for a “robust” and impartial investigation. (Amnesty International).

Secretary Blinken made headlines in his comments on Rwanda’s human rights situation:

There were also widespread protests in Somaliland, where opposition groups have accused the government of maneuvering to postpone elections scheduled for November. Somaliland police opened fire on protesters, and at least five have been killed and many more injured in clashes with the police. (Reuters) (Al Jazeera) (VOA).

The Ugandan government has suspended Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), the country’s largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group. The group has characterized the suspension as a “witch hunt.” Human Rights Watch has called on the Ugandan government to allow SMUG to operate freely and without harassment. AHRC

Human Rights Watch has issued a report on summary executions carried out by Cameroonian soldiers in the country’s Northwest Region between April 24 and June 12. (HRW). The report has been picked up by the press. (VOA) (Deutsche Welle) (AFP via Barron's).


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