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AHRC Lesbian Visibility Day Message

By Melanie Nathan, April 26, 2024

This Lesbian Visibility Day, we shine a super-bright light on the importance of lesbian visibility and representation.

Parts of the world seek to shame, control, criminalize and oppress lesbians. We believe that greater visibility, a celebration of our identity, and advocating for lesbian rights and safety, while increasing our spaces, will bring positive change.

Not everyone can be visible safely. Some lesbians risk their lives as activists and human rights defenders. Many lesbians around the world are in hiding, cut off from every aspect of a normal life, trying to keep safe from the looming violence, such as the endemic threat of so called “corrective” rape plaguing on the African continent.

The increasing violence is licensed by penal codes and new heightened anti-LGBTI legislation, such as the new “Ghanaian Family Values Act” which prescribes 3 years in prison simply for “holding out” to be a lesbian (and LGBTQA+) or an ally.

At African Human Rights Coalition (AHRC) we understand that it is incumbent on those of us who can or choose to be visible, to assert our identities, standing up for our lesbian sisters who cannot, and in doing this instead of shrinking in the face of adversity - we get stronger and ask that you join in celebrating who we are.

Please help support African Human Rights Coalition’s lesbian emergency, safe shelter and food programs in Malawi, Burundi, Ghana, Senegal, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


With love and in solidarity,

Aluta Continua


A she/her Lesbian


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