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The plights of African women and Israeli women are being ignored by women's movements and global human rights organizations.

By Melanie Nathan, December 04, 2023

African Human Rights Coalition calls on human rights and women's movement to condemn the weaponization of RAPE and the recent atrocities committed against Sudanese and Israeli Women. RAPE IS NEVER LEGITIMATE and NOR IS IT A LEGITIMATE WEAPON OF WAR.

More than four million women and girls are still at risk of sexual violence in Sudan. Israeli women are being ignored by International Women's movements after having endured a mass atrocity of rapes and mutilations - RAPE IS NOT A LEGITIMATE WEAPON OF WAR and if you are ignoring it, especially when committed as a mass atrocity, you are condoning it.

All the protestors supporting Hamas and Palestinians – guaranteed 100% - you have never marched for the human rights of Sudanese women. We know you are not marching for the Israeli women who were raped and mutilated and murdered and kidnapped on October 07, 2023.

In Sudan, women are bearing the brunt of the vicious war that began in mid-April between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). More than six million people have been displaced since the new war erupted including an estimated 105,000 women who are currently pregnant, according to the United Nations.

Of the 1.2 million who have fled to neighboring countries, nearly nine in 10 are women and children. The healthcare system in Sudan is in a perilous state – 70 to 80 percent of hospitals in conflict areas are not operational – with devastating consequences for women in need of maternal health medicines.

And sexual and gender-based violence has become an epidemic. According to the World Health Organization, more than four million women and girls are at risk of sexual violence in Sudan.

While a UN experts’ report accused both parties of violations of humanitarian and human rights law, the experts expressed alarm at the brutal and widespread use of rape and other forms of sexual violence by the RSF. Some of the reported rapes appeared to be ethnically and racially motivated, the experts said, in a frightful echo of the Darfur crisis of 20 years ago.

A Human Rights Watch report found that the RSF committed a ‘‘staggering number of rapes and other war crimes’’ during attacks on West Darfur’s capital, el-Geneina, between late April and late June 2023.

The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa documented hundreds of cases of women who were victimized by the RSF, either forcibly disappeared while trying to flee the fighting, kidnapped for ransom, or abducted and compelled to serve as sex slaves. ”I am four months pregnant,” said a 21-year-old survivor. ”I cannot even count how many times I have been raped.”

A new UN report describes how women and girls are being abducted and held in ”inhuman, degrading slave-like condition in areas controlled by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Darfur, where they are allegedly forcibly married and held for ransom.” Sources told the UN that women and girls have been seen in chains on pick-up trucks and cars.

Where are the current protesters – so silent for the well-being and rights of the forcibly displaced and sex enslaved Sudanese women? Israeli Women?

ISRAEL OCTOBER 07 2023: Graphic report details new evidence of rape, sexual violence during October 7 rampage

Witnesses, volunteers tell UK’s Sunday Times of seeing gang-rape, remains found mutilated, days after UN says it will look into allegations following weeks of international silence

New eyewitness accounts of the sexual violence enacted by Hamas-led terrorists on October 7 were brought to light in a report published Sunday, bolstering evidence of rape and other atrocities largely doubted or ignored in the international community.

Survivors of Hamas attacks and those tasked with investigating and piecing together what occurred that day shared details of rape and mutilation that they witnessed during and after the devastating terror onslaught with the UK newspaper The Sunday Times.

Yoni Saadon, 39, who survived the Supernova music festival massacre in which some 360 people were killed, told the paper that he hid under dead bodies for several hours to evade being captured and killed by Hamas terrorists. During that time, he said, he witnessed several scenes that he said continue to haunt him when he closes his eyes at night. READ MORE AT SOURCE:

It has taken two months for the UN to start to address and acknowledge the mutilation and rape of Israeli women and children in the barbaric attack by Palestinian Hamas, now described as being of apocalyptic proportions. Where is the UN for Sudanese women at this critical, also apocalyptic juncture? where is the world? Where are the women's movements? SILENT!


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