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AHRC Announces Renewed Kakuma Food Distribution

AHRC is pleased to announce that food ration supplementing for LGBTQI individuals in Kakuma Camp will resume later in November 2021 and continue monthly for three months. Due to lack of funding we were unable to do a distribution for the month of October, 2021. From April 2020 when COVID-19 struck and the world was forced into lockdown, AHRC leaped into action. We orchestrated and distributed food and supplies to supplement the UNHCR ration, with organizing partner RefCEA as funded by ALLOUT, and thereafter with RefCEA as funded by UHAI. The last partnership distribution took place on September 21, 2021.

While AHRC has been seeking funding to continue this program other well wishers stepped in claiming to have fully distributed to Kakuma. Any claim that AHRC was involved in the October distribution/s is inaccurate. While we did provide emergency food funding on an individual case by case basis, we had no involvement in any of the alleged distributions during the month of October. We are very pleased to announce, with much gratitude to our current funders, that we will recommence the AHRC distribution from late November, 2021 for a three month period. We are thankful to our previous partners for the past collaboration with our AHRC distributions and look forward to more possibilities in the future.

None of this work can be done without our refugee leadership and ambassadors on the ground and the generous support of our donors. If you would like to contribute to AHRC's kakuma food program and general emergency fund please donate at


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