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AHRC Advisory: Warning to straights in our LGBT refugee and asylum spaces

TEAM AHRC, January 20, 2024

African Human Rights Coalition continues to uncover fraudulent claims by straight people pretending to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, non-binary, for the purposes of seeking refugee status for resettlement and asylum.

These cases are causing much harm to those legitimately belonging to the social group LGBTQ.  Not only does the fraud take the valuable limited path of the legitimate LGBT person, but also causes a breakdown in a system that must develop further based on absolute trust.

The problem is exacerbated by the degree of acceptance of the frauds and phonies among legitimate LGBTQI+ community, who are so vulnerable and marginalized that they are ripe for being taken advantage of through this extreme opportunism.

 Another part of the problem is the extent to which straight frauds are capturing the limited funding available to relocate, and safe shelter those who have been subjected to violence due to their SOGIESC.

African Human Rights Coalition is aware that straight people have been resettled to the USA and Canada who are not truly LGBTQI+ yet made such claims to invoke refugee mandates and resettlement.

At the same time no one has a right to judge another's sexuality - unless the evidence is irrefutable. We currently have access to several cases where the evidence is 100% certain. We urge all LGBTQI+ people not to accommodate the frauds as this ends up hurting all your claims.There was even a case of a couple resettled to Canada as a gay couple. Upon arrival the one spouse left the other. He had apparently been straight all along, even duping his own partner. It is this that makes advocating for special paths very difficult. It is up to ALL OF YOU LEGITIMATELY CLAIMING such status to ensure your domains remain pure or you are ultimately hurting yourselves and your own communities.

AHRC will not stay silent even for fear of hurting this environment, as staying silent does not serve a much-needed correction, even if it means everything shutting down until those frauds leave! You all know who they are among you – and you should refuse to allow these people into your refugee spaces.

It is too deeply penetrated at this time to cause more harm than the fraudsters, cons and scammers have already done. It is for this reason that anyone who speaks out is a soft target of lies and assertions, as the fraudsters so imbedded will go to great lengths to protect their lies.

The most disconcerting aspect of this is the fact that opportunistic LGBTI community members themselves have participated by actually providing platforms for the frauds to occur, in some instances knowingly, and in other instances, unaware.


The purpose of this post is to bring this out into the open in the hope that course can self-correct, as people become aware that such corruption ultimately leads to closure of funding, services, and pathways.

Those who have committed fraud will find their place in the world to always be one where they are compelled to look over their shoulder, each and every day, because they will be exposed and receive their due under the age old notion that lies always turns into truth and justice!


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