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AHRC - Advisory 2022: Kenya Election & Refugee Protests

February 01, 2022

Warning: Things are gearing up for election in Kenya. In preparation for what is expected to be a tense election campaign, International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan has dispatched a legal team to Nairobi to gather potential proof of election violence.

This should be a sign to foreigners/ refugees to lay low and invest in self security to whatever extent possible. Staging protests at this time will be dangerous. Calling attention to LGBTQI refugees at this time will continue to diminish the entire protection milieu as currently evident, though nefarious behaviors of opportunists who have taken advantage of vulnerable refugees.

LGBTQI people who are refugees in the Country who draw attention to themselves continue to RISK hurting one of the very few protection landscapes for themselves and ALL!

Western well-wishers encouraging protest of any kind at this time are participating in a complex milieu that they do not understand - imposing paternalistic and neo-colonialist ignorance, under the guise of support, risks great harm!

Do not forget its the country government that ultimately controls the wellbeing of anyone in the country and protection is within the constraints of sovereignty!


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