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African Human Rights Coalition CALLS OUT Scammers

African Human Rights Coalition advises that we do not support scams and lies and implore upon LGBTQI community of refugees to stand up against those who are exploiting and using you opportunistically.

We also note that when people disparage our hard and good work at AHRC, and who spread lies and rumors about who we are and what we do on social media, are highly likely the very scammers who we refer to here, and do not like that we serve to stand for the TRUTH and to counter their scams and lying narratives. Opportunists include those people who pretend to be refugees. A refugee or asylum seeker is a person who genuinely has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. Invariably if a person is a LGBTI refugee, they can never go home - or certainly not until they have acquired citizenship of a country of asylum or resettlement - as then they have international protection when they return home.

There are people who pretend they are stuck in Kakuma camp, but in truth go “home” regularly to Uganda to celebrate holidays and family events and ten return to Kakuma, Kenya, pretending to be unsafe in their home countries and in desperate need of resettlement. These people, are scamming for money and trying to use this milieu to be resettled to a western country such as the USA. Whether genuinely LGBTI or not, they are actually hurting and usurping the resettlement space for those who legitimately cannot return to home countries due to genuine persecution, dangers and fears.

This week a scammer pretended they are in desperate need of money in Kakuma camp. However they are actually back in Uganda scamming money from people who think they are still Kakuma.

This week a scammer who disparages the real authentic work in this arena returned back to Kakuma camp after spending his vacation back home in Uganda.

Those who cheat and scam in this fashion are slowing down the process for all. All these scams lead to chasing away authentic donors. All these scams lead to suspicion against ALL LGBTI. All these scams led to mistrust among people who work in this realm. This leads to slowing down the process for everyone and in some instances has served to completely halt the process. Lies and scamming has also resulted in changes in law that hurt the authentic LGBTI refugees. At African Human Rights Coalition we believe that scams and lies must NOT be enabled and that people must be exposed.

Already the African world think LGBTI are demonic and Satanic and these people who are doing these opportunistic lies are endorsing that sentiment, while exploiting you the refugee, for their own gain.

Those opportunists are benefiting at the expense of authentic LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers, hurting the pipelines and process and the imperative sympathetic sentiment for all those who genuinely play by the rules and desperately need resettlement. So again if anyone complains about AHRC for coming out against LIES AND SCAMS or lies about our work and role - take a hard look at THAT person because he/she/they are probably the VERY scammer we are highlighting here! STOP SCAMMING ! STOP LYING ! YOUR CHEATING AND LYING means you relinquish any right to complain that you are suffering or have not yet been resettled or that you demand immediate evacuation.


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