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African Human Rights Coalition Calls on Hamas to Surrender and return Kidnapped Hostages

November 08, 2023.

It is now a month since the October 07, 2023, kidnapping by Hamas of innocent civilian hostages: Kidnapped, by Hamas' own admission are over 200 Israeli, American and other nationals, some of whom had serious injuries, taken into Gaza. Hamas posted on social media evidence of their capture. Included in this action was Hamas streaming live the parading of a hostage, a naked and raped young woman, who later died, through the streets of Gaza, in celebration of their planned actions against Israeli and the Jewish civilians. Included among the hostages are babies, toddlers, children, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, grandmothers and grandfathers. As a human rights organization AHRC is compelled, regardless of any surrounding political or humanitarian circumstances, to express our outrage and condemnation at this shocking brutality and to call upon Hamas and the Palestinian people for the unconditional safe return of all hostages to their loving and traumatized families.

We are also calling on fellow LGBTQI+ and Human rights organizations to issue a statement calling for their unconditional release.

There can be no cause that justifies such cruelty. This cruelty impacts the hostages and continues to traumatize the family members, friends and a nation who seek word and release of their loved ones.

This kidnapping occurred on the day that there was effectively a ceasefire. A day Hamas launched over 3000 rockets into Israel and then massacred 1400 civilians in their homes, bomb shelters and at a music festival. Had that not happened at all there would be no need to strike against Hamas in Gaza, who thought that these Kidnapped children would save them from Israel's response. It is now apparent that Hamas cannot be allowed to rule the Palestinian people. That they cannot be allowed to function as a neighbor ruling government. Hamas has already released two hostages and one has been rescued. It is in Hamas' power to release the hostages forthwith. Instead they are being abused, as tools of further cruelty, weaponized, and used as shields for cover by a cowardly terrorist regime. As a human rights organization it is beyond our comprehension that fellow human and civil rights organizations, whatever their mission, are not calling for their unconditional release or prefacing protests with the call for the release of the hostages. Instead other than at Israel support specific rallies, we are only hearing calls for the genocide of Jews and the couching of hostage taking in rhetoric that attempts to justify this brutal inhumanity. We see people in our US cities making it a mission to tear down KIDNAP posters including those of the children, under the guise of war propaganda, even where Hamas has admitted the kidnappings. That behavior is an unconscionable shame.

There can be no negotiations with Hamas. It is impossible to trust a terror organization that has proved itself to be worse than Isis. It is for this reason that all human rights organizations interested in a cease fire and the saving of many more lives, be it both Israelis and Palestinians, should be calling for the unconditional release of all hostages and the surrender of the Hamas terrorists and their leadership with immediate effect. It is THAT and ONLY THAT which will save lives and restore humanity to the region.

Contact: Melanie Nathan


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