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African HRC STATEMENT: Welcome Home Brittney Griner

On behalf of African Human Rights Coalition, I would like to thank the Biden administration and Cherelle Griner for all the effort that went into bringing Britney Griner home - especially from a country that criminalizes lesbians and all our LGBTQI+ community. WELCOME HOME BRITNEY GRINER.

This hard-fought fight to bring her home adds value to us as a lesbian and LGBTQI+ community.

It shows our government cares about us as much as it does about all Americans which is exactly how it should be.

It also flies in the face of the over 70 countries around the world which criminalize sexuality and gender identity. So many governments would allow a lesbian to languish in jail!

Here is a government with a large population behind it that cares deeply about all its citizens, knowing we are equal and not criminals merely by virtue of our sexuality or gender identity.

Criminals are bank robbers murderers tax defrauders etc… those are the people who should be incarcerated.

As for the trade of a Russian spy- the merchant of death! So many will criticize that it is an unequal trade. No it is absolutely not. By suggesting it’s an unequal trade is suggesting that the Russian murderer-spy is better than someone like Britney Griner who has devoted her life to sport and helping others and has never harmed anyone. It is also not an unequal trade because it shows the lengths America will go to to bring one person home. Now we pray for Whelan, still being unlawfully held. I do believe there will be a time for him too. Today is a great day for America.

MELANIE NATHAN , African Human Rights Coalition, 12/8/2022


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