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Call to Action for U.S. Congress to Help Refugees in COVID-19 Planning

You can Help by taking action together:

Right now, Members of Congress are again discussing legislation to provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. We must make sure that refugees are included in receiving that support.

The economic effects of this crisis are disproportionate, and refugees have been amongst the hardest-hit, experiencing high levels of unemployment and economic uncertainty. Like all Americans who are struggling, they deserve help from a country that has become their own.

Across the United States, refugees are part of the front-line response to this crisis — as nurses, eldercare workers, grocery store owners, and maintenance staff. We welcomed them, and now they are giving back to our communities. The refugee community is essential, and it is essential that Congress includes them in any COVID-19 related legislation.

Thank you to HIAS for all your work on behalf of refugees.

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