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Fun-Filled Event at the Heart of Alight, AHRC and Refugee LGBTI Community Alliance in COVID-19 Respo

PRESS RELEASE DATED: 4/30/2020 ​ALIGHT and Event Contact: Steph AHRC Contact: Melanie Nathan:

Fun-Filled Event at the Heart of Alight, AHRC and Refugee LGBTI Community Alliance in COVID-19 Response

African Human Rights Coalition (AHRC) is pleased to partner with our friends at ALIGHT for the ongoing OUR KITCHEN TABLE initiative. Together with the LGBTI community in Kenya, we are collaborating through this programming in our joint quest to mitigate the hardships that the COVID-19 Pandemic is bringing to LGBTI refugees in Kenya, to support safe shelter, food and hygiene needs during this extremely challenging time:

In living memory there  has never been a more crucial time for social contact: Millions of us find ourselves  working from  our kitchen tables - #OurKitchenTable. Craving social connection makes physical isolation very difficult. Now this is an opportunity to connect differently, by socializing remotely, through sharing in an event that not only brings us together, but also unifies to share abundance mitigating the harsh reality of what COVID-19 is bringing to the LGBTQI refugee community.

ALIGHT has been working with LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya for the past year, and AHRC for the last 8 years, addressing homophobia and its impact, and the high levels of poverty, abuse and violence that the community continues to face.  This Pandemic time, in our respective trajectories, places our crucial alliances at the heart and soul of what we are all about. And so ALIGHT and AHRC are proudly committed to its hand-with-hand approach in joining community in Kenya.

So in furtherance of our goal we are presenting The Ladies of the Lakes on May 3rd to bring “50 Shades of Gay” directly into your home. We hope you will gather around your ‘Kitchen Tables’ for this exciting variety and drag show to raise money for the ALIGHT and AHRC COVID-19 response with LGBTQ refugees in Nairobi.

Join us for a meld of drama, intrigue and over-the-top entertainment, and more importantly for the shared joy of a good old-fashioned variety show, hosted by our favorite drag acts. And most significantly, a presentation directly from Kenya.

We realize that we are running against a fast ticking clock, and we need you to band together with us, from ALL our kitchen tables to join with the Kenyan community: With the funds raised we will continue to supply much needed shelter, food, soap, and hand sanitizer. 

So friends, please Join us for this Sunday 50 SHADES OF GAY event:

Date: Sunday May 03, 2020 Time: 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM CDT (Central)

Tickets range in price point, starting at $20.

All ticket sales go 100% directly to provide support to the LGBTQ refugees living in Kenya.

Tickets Here: TICKETS Facebook Event: HERE

AHRC - African Human Rights Coalition: WEBSITE HERE


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