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Advisory for Refugee in Kenya on COVID-19

The Government of Kenya is taking measures to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). These include wide information dissemination on how to maintain good hygiene levels, and a ban on gatherings of persons. Information leaflets and posters being provided by the Government have been translated into a number of languages spoken by refugees and have been disseminated within the community.

Due to the orders issued by the Government of Kenya, all UNHCR partners and a number of UNHCR staff in Nairobi have been working from home. The below information has been widely disseminated to all refugees and asylum-seekers, and includes contact numbers for emergencies. Individual follow-up on vulnerable cases is being undertaken by phone, particularly for those individuals who are reporting protection issues. Community leadership structures, committees within the community such as the GBV committees, protection monitors and refugees working with partners are amongst some of the channels being utilized to provide and receive information. In addition, the Helpline toll free phone number and email address remain available as always.

We caution all to refrain from portraying certain situations inaccurately. We would advise you to be cautious and to verify information and facts prior to circulating unconfirmed COVID-19-related information further. This can cause an enormous amount of harm to everyone. Be sure of your facts before you post them on Social Media.


Information for Refugees and Asylum-Seekers regarding Coronavirus

The Government of Kenya has announced various measures to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus by a directive of the President of 15 March 2020. Measures which will affect refugees and asylum-seekers include a ban on any gathering of individuals, restrictions on travel for non-Kenyan citizens, closure of schools and measures for people to work from home.

UNHCR advices refugees and asylum-seekers to follow the information provided by the authorities on Corona virus.

Refugees and asylum-seekers are reminded that they are under obligation to comply with the laws of Kenya.

Services by UNHCR

UNHCR has implemented precautionary measures to prevent any further spread of the virus and in order to protect refugees, asylum-seekers and other persons of concern from becoming infected with the virus. These are in line with the directives of the Government of Kenya and include:

• Services at UNHCR: No reception, interviews or counselling will take place at UNHCR offices. • Voluntary repatriation: All movements of persons of concern wishing to return to their countries have been suspended.

• Resettlement: All movements of refugees departing to resettlement countries have been suspended. • Movements between Kakuma, Dadaab and Nairobi: Refugee Affairs Secretariat has suspended the issuance of movement passes. Hence, no movements take place between Kakuma, Dadaab and Nairobi until further notice.

You will be informed once services will be resumed.

Reporting illness If you feel unwell, have a cold or a cough or fever, please call 719 or text *719# which is a toll-free number provided by the Government of Kenya.

You can also call the following County Hotline numbers:

  • Nairobi- 0800721316 (toll-free) / 0732353535

  • Garissa - 0111207207 / 0110040836 / 011040708

  • Turkana - 0731774597 / 0758722023

  • Mombasa - 0758549212

  • Nakuru - 0724320853 / 0722337018

  • Uasin Gishu - 0754027027 Contact information

If you need to contact UNHCR, please call the Helpline by phone: 0800 720063 (toll-free) or email:

We would also like to remind you of alternative hotlines available in specific situations: National GBV (Gender-Based Violence) hotline: 1195 Kenya police emergency hotline: 999/112

MSF sexual violence hotline (Doctors without borders): 0711400506 LVCT Health (Liverpool voluntary counselling and treatment for HiV): 0800720121


From AFRICAN HUMAN RIGHTS COALITION: AHRC advises from our own Shelter in Place and Lockdown Rooms: 1. That we can be copied at AFRICAN HRC Case E-MAIL:- - on communications/ reports etc., however we are not a frontline organization with regard to Corona Virus response, which should be directed as advised above. We will be doing our best to monitor the situation and to provide advocacy to the extent that we are able. We are already overwhelmed with e-mails. Please note that we will not be able to respond to all.

2. AHRC has zero terrance for any false information and corruptive opportunism at all times and especially in the face of this very serious pandemic, when people are expected to unify in our commitment to avoiding spread of this virus. 3. Please maintain your social and physical distancing as reflected in the order of the Kenyan Government 4. Please stay alert to Kenyan Government and UNHCR advisories - as all refugees are kept up to date. Stay safe and well. We will pull through this worldwide pandemic together. UNHCR WEBSITE HERE

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