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Remembering Ambrose Paul

Ambrose Paul, a courageous human rights defender from Juba, in South Sudan has passed away in Nairobi, Kenya where he had been living as a refugee, seeking resettlement through UNHCR to escape the anti-LGBTQI persecution he had suffered in his homeland. Ambrose, a true leader, displayed the heroic resilience that it takes to exile and fight for one's right to one's sexuality on a continent where most countries criminalize sexuality and gender identity. He first fled to Egypt, spent time in Israel and Uganda. It is clear, while we cannot comment fully until the investigation into his death is complete, that the protection systems have failed him. Ambrose Paul was close to freedom but never made it. There are many more suffering the squalor and indecent realm of migration that fails LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees. Ambrose Paul will sorely missed and lovingly remembered as an activist, human rights defender, leader and a friend. May his memory be a blessing. Rest In Peace Ambrose Paul. We will update with more information about his passing.

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