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African HRC Condolences and Condemns the Hate that Caused the Christchurch Mosque Attacks

From African HRC we extend our deepest sympathy to the families of those slaughtered while in worship at Christchurch, and to the Muslim community in New Zealand and around the world. There is nothing more insidious than having one's life taken so viciously in one's place of prayer, where one expects the freedom to worship in safety and without fear. This is terrorism. This attack was clearly the result of the emboldening of white supremacy through calls for white nationalism. It is no secret that the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has introduced anti-Muslim policy with a barrage of ongoing rhetoric, that underpins the increasing hate against Muslims here in the United States. The problem of Islamophobia has been on the rise since the time of the U.S. aMuslim travel bans, with which the ongoing rhetoric is specifically designed to create fear, which leads to this hatred. It is now clear that this license to hate and act on it permeates the global stage too. We join our Muslim communities in the calls for unity against any and all hateful ideology, and in prayer for the comfort and healing of those who lost loved ones and those injured in the terrorist attack.

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