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Statement from African HRC on U.S. President Donald Trump's Dangerous South Africa Tweet

Statement from Melanie Nathan for African Human Rights Coalition Regarding Donald J. Trump's Tweet to Secretary Pompeo pursuant to an erroneous Fox News report stating the South African government is expropriating land and suggesting that white farmers are the subject of genocidal murders: Trump tweeted: "Verified account @REALDONALDTRUMP "I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews"

"It is interesting to note that we have only ever seen two tweets from Trump concerning Africa. The first where he called African countries “Shitholes” and now this, where he is feeding into the lies of Fox and AfriForum. This serves as further evidence that Donald J. Trump is a racist.

This tweet by Trump is based on erroneous information and dangerous. In addressing Secretary Pompeo he seems to assert official policy. It alienates the South African government, a long-time ally, from America. It race-baits, serving to fuel racial violence within South Africa.

It is clear that this man has not done his basic homework. To suggest that his tweet is merely irresponsible is to deny his responsibility and global standing as President of the United States. He is charged with maintaining a policy of friendship and peace. He is out of control.

Trump's own unstable status and lack of credibility among Americans in his home country may be a personal motive for this outburst and as such adds to its danger. He clearly seeks to divert attention from the current groundswell dealing with the likelihood of criminal behavior on his part, as revealed under oath by his own former attorney, Michael Cohen, who pled guilty to charges implicating Trump. Never before has the talk of impeachment been this loud! And so when it comes to foreign affairs this man needs to be reigned-in, before he causes more harm.

My hope is that South Africans are not drawn into Donald Trump’s racist rants, and instead asserts its autonomy and sovereignty for peaceful and equitable reform, and that AfriForum does not get the bloody day it hopes for – the one that will justify its hateful dicta.” ... (Melanie Nathan of African Human Rights Coalition Executive Director of the African Human Rights Coalition.) READ STORY HERE:

Picture: Melanie Nathan appeared on MSNBC's AMJoyShow when the Navy fired her from a speaking tour for tweeting criticism of Donald Trump.

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