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African HRC: Supreme Court Ruling on Muslim Travel Ban Will Reflect Shamefully in History

African Human Rights Coalition Statement on SCOTUS Muslim Ban Ruling: The Supreme Court’s decision this morning in Trump v. Hawaii upholds the Trump presidential authority to ban travelers from mostly Muslim-majority countries. The Muslim ban remains in effect:

"This ruling does not change the fact that in his campaign Donald J. Trump vowed to target Muslims, a clearly bigoted approach to border control. Such targeting, based on religion, is without merit and prejudicial to the majority of good people seeking refuge, wanting to visit family, and meaning no harm. As such the ban is immoral and no amount of rulings can change that undeniable fact. Who could ever have imagined that religion would be the determining factor for a denial into this once welcoming country that reveres its Constitution and the First Amendment? This decision will go down in history as a shameful reflection on a shameful time in American history. This ban has a direct impact on LGBTQI people who seek refuge in America from deathly persecution in some of these countries. Our hearts go out to all impacted by this ban."

Melanie Nathan, Executive Director African Human Rights Coalition.

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