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The Amsterdam Dress Comes to San Francisco Pride

San Francisco Pride, a melding of parade, resistance and celebration will take place this weekend, as the San Francisco LGBTI celebrations are kicked off with Friday afternoon's Trans March, Saturday morning's Pink Triangle launch at Twin Peaks, and Saturday afternoon's Dyke March, all heralding the big Sunday morning Market Street Parade and entire weekend of festival at Civic Center. See for all the details. The weekend will be attended by as many as a million people, with 280 contingents in the Parade that usually lasts several hours. Also this year there will be a TV broadcast to many millions more. With San Francisco the beacon, a light to all parades around the world, this year the fun additions, marking the theme "Generations of Strength", includes:

Reflecting on the fact that over a third of all countries in the world have anti-LGBT and criminalizing legislation. This year, the Netherlands Consulate General is collaborating with San Francisco Pride celebration to bring the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress to display at San Francisco City Hall, on Sunday 24th June. The dress, a living work of art is made from the national flags of all these countries and promotes awareness about state-sponsored homo-, bi- and transphobia.

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation carries out missions across the globe, presents the dress and her message, educates, creates awareness, offers a platform of support for those who are displaced because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

When a country abolishes these laws, the respective flag will be replaced with a rainbow flag. Over time, the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress will hopefully transform into one big rainbow dress.

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