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African HRC Condemns Trump Cruel Separation of Families Supporting the National Day of Action for Ch

African Human Rights Coalition condemns the Trump administration assault on immigrants and asylum seekers: The Trump Administration has escalated the separation of families at the border, at great cost to the wellbeing and health of infants, toddlers, children and families. This insidious attempt to deter lawful immigration thwarts the intent of U.S. law, which is to grant asylum to those seeking refuge from violence and persecution. This is not an America that cares about human rights. Its an America that abuses human rights. We hope that many people come out to support Friday's National Day of Action for Children. please read on:

According to Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS): Earlier this month, in the span of just two weeks, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) forcibly separated 658 children from their parents under its new “zero tolerance” policy.

Calls to End the Cruelty of Family Separation:

"As many advocates and experts have noted, separating children from their parents is not just cruel and inhumane. Under U.S. and international law, it is an act of torture with profound deleterious impacts on children’s long-term health.

Prosecuting parents as criminal entrants constitutes an additional violation of these families’ rights and of our country’s obligations to refugees. Those fleeing persecution have the legal right to seek protection here and should never face criminal charges for doing so. Moreover, these harmful practices will not advance the Trump Administration’s objective of deterring future migration. So long as the violence and risk of death in their home countries persists unabated, families will continue to be forced to flee for their lives and turn to the United States for refuge.

CGRS is outraged by this Administration’s unlawful and immoral actions and is proud to co-sponsor Friday’s National Day of Action for Children. We join partners nationwide calling for an end to the cruel practice of family separation and to the inhumane detention of immigrant and refugee children. We also urge Congress to halt funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the federal agencies carrying out these practices, among other egregious abuses against children."

Join in and take action!


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