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African Human Rights Coalition Statement in Response to Trump's "SHITHOLE" Remark

Melanie Nathan , the Executive Director of The African Human Rights Coalition (African HRC) makes the following statement with regard to President Donald Trump's recent offensive and derogatory behind closed doors remarks: It has been confirmed through lawmakers that at an Oval Office meeting on immigration, United States President Donald Trump remarked, "Why do we want all these people from 'shithole countries' coming here?"

The African Human Rights Coalition joins American lawmakers and global leaders in the strong condemnation of these racist, divisive, offensive and extremely hurtful remarks by Trump.

It is now abundantly clear and expressly evident, that the reason for Trump’s executive order travel bans, Muslim bans, now expired suspension of the U.S. refugee program, and the limitation of the numbers of refugees accepted to the United States as a matter of policy, is racially motivated. It is critical to the wellbeing of our nation that the United States Congress censure this President and look for ways to repair the harm that has resulted to our country as well as those immigrants and refugees directly impacted. To counter this awful situation and the taint it brings to us all, we must reach out to help all immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers like never before. We must show that we as Americans, from diverse communities, stand together to denounce these remarks as ignorant and racist. Donald Trump is a failed leader who should not be in a position to make decisions that continue to impact our credibility as a global leader and continue to negate decades of progress in our quest for racial harmony. Furthermore we must show and express our appreciation for what ALL immigrants have historically contributed and will continue to bring to this land of immigrants. No one can be silent at a time like this. Please contact your representatives and express your thoughts and feelings. I am so saddened by this and am so sorry - to all who have been hurt and offended... In Solidarity, Melanie


As a person born on the continent of Africa, I am proudly reminded of the very many men and women Nobel Laureates, recognized for leadership and brilliance: Here are - some examples from the so called "SHITHOLES" - look them up Trump!....

The Women: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Wangari Maathai and Leymah Gbowee (pictured with me below) and Nadine Gordimer,

The South Africans- PEACE PRIZE:

Mohamed ElBaradei, Kofi Annan, Ahmed Bewail, Naguib Mahfouz, Wole Soyinka, Anwar El Sadat, Albert Camus etc...

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