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Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hate and prejudice. The amount of deaths for the past year indicates a rise in crimes against transgender people, placing the transgender community in the United States, at greater risk than ever before. We believe is a result of the anti-transgender emboldenment infused by the stance, words and actions of the Republican Party as led by Donald Trump and Mike Pence, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions heading the Department of Justice. These players have helped to create a milieu where people feel justified in their persecution of transgender individuals, often basing such on their notion that their religious freedoms are impacted by the right of transgender people. The latter of course a serious abuse and contrary to what the U.S. Constitution stands for. It is difficult to obtain statistics for countries abroad. At African Human Rights Coalition, we are aware of an increase in the number of cases reported to us from various african countries, which have resulted in an upsurge of transgender people migrating to other countries, seeking refugee mandates from UNHCR, for resettlement abroad.

Here are the names of those we remember who were murdered in the USA this past year:

• Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow • Mesha Caldwell • Sean Hake • Jojo Striker • Keke Collier

• Chyna Gibson • Ciara McElveen

• Jaquarrius Holland

• Alphonza Watson • Chayviss Reed • Kenneth Bostick • Sherrell Faulkner • Kenne McFadden • Josie Berrios • Ava Le'Ray Barrin • Ebony Morgan • TeeTee Dangerfield

• Gwynevere River Song • Kiwi Herring • Kashmire Redd • Derricka Banner

• Scout Schultz • Ally Steinfeld • Stephanie Montez • Candace Towns

Trans Woman Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow

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