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United States Refugee Program Moving Forward With Further Hardship

Since issuing his first Executive Order suspending the United States Refugee Program, the United States, under the Trump administration, caused untold hardship, confusion, consternation, and suffering for refugees who had already been assigned the U.S. The suspension has now expired and now the program continues, without the need for proving bona fide relationships, however with added hardship caused by more vetting on what has already been a robust vetting process.

Here is the generic response that refugees can expect to see from RSC Africa the they inquire as to the progress of their process: "RSC Africa has resumed the full range of resettlement processing activities for refugee applicants with active cases. The processing of your refugee application may take longer than in previous years due to additional application and screening requirements. These changes to the application process are likely to result in a delay of the final decision for your case. No action is required by refugees with an active case with RSC Africa. The RSC will contact you if there are any questions concerning your case or when you are scheduled for the next stage of processing. We thank you for your patience and your continued interest in resettlement to the United States. For all refugee applicants, there is no further need to provide evidence of a bona fide relationship in the United States." While we appreciate the good news that things are moving forward - we lament the hardship caused by further delays which no doubt will be exacerbated by short staffing and funding limits by the Trump administration. We are also saddened by the Trump administration's slashing of refugee quotas from 110,000 per year to 45,000. We continue to advocate and offer as much help and resources as we are able to. At this time we continue to look for funding to assist refugees with food shortages ad those currently seeking safe shelter. DONATE

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