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African HRC Launches HAPPY PRIDE Refugee Fundraiser

LGBTI refugees need your urgent help - the smallest donation can go a long way for - food - safe shelter - transport - medicine! With its HAPPY PRIDE message today, the African Human Rights Coalition #AHRC launched a crowd source funding campaign, hoping to raise money for refugees in camps in Malawi and Kenya. The refugees in these camps, under UNHCR protection, are all hoping for resettlement to countries where they will have the freedom to live their sexuality and gender identity in peace and happiness. African HRC is hoping to provide this as monthly support to cover a second meal per day to over 200 refugees, all who have escaped horrendous persecution. Melanie Nathan, Executive Director of African HRC notes: "Refugees can go for days without proper nourishment. Many are feeling hopeless and are in crisis. We need your urgent help. There is a desperate need at this time. Since Trump took office in the U.S.A, the already extreme vetting process for resettling refugees, which can take several years, has slowed down and the work is not being done expeditiously. This is resulting in failed support and shortages for refugees - we need donations to provide nourishing food." Nathan goes on to draw attention to the fact that those who are HIV+ and surviving on one maize meal per day, are at grave risk, saying: "The longer the process is taking, the more damaging. A simple glass of juice is a luxury." When asked why she chose a Pride month to launch this particular fund raiser, one of several she has promoted in the past, Nathan responded: "I have had the great privilege serving as Vice President on the Board of San Francisco Pride this past year and as we prepare for our big annual parade and celebration, I realize, notwithstanding the difficulties for so many in our own San Francisco, Bay Area LGBTQI community, at least we have a platform where we can exercise our freedoms - to celebrate, complain, protest, march, rally, resist and say whatever we want. That is not the case for refugees and asylum seekers in many countries around the world - and so with that in mind, my hope is people will contribute to this campaign, even small amounts. Its costs $11.66 to give a refugee a second meal each day for an entire month. Perhaps those who can afford it this Pride will sacrifice a couple of beers or that extra burger knowing that with their help, one day there will be a HAPPY PRIDE for those suffering long arduous resettlement process." The hope is to raise $2,500 per month for the next six months to feed 200 LGBTI refugees with a second meal each day.

The Fund is hosted on You Caring and can be linked to here:​ The fund page includes references to article and pictures showing the poor conditions in Kakuma Camp, Kenya.

African Human Rights Coalition is a direct services organization, providing advocacy and humanitarian assistance to LGBTO refugees and asylum seekers in and from African countries. Tax Deduction information: This crowd source campaign is specifically to provide direct humanitarian resources and is NOT TAX deductible- however if you would prefer to donate to African HRC directly - that is tax deductible and can be made on this site at Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions at:

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