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IDAHOT in the Castro

African Human Rights Coalition is co-sponsoring IDAHOT in the Castro, San Francisco. Melanie Nathan, African HRC Executive Director is a featured speaker. Thanks to all sponsors and speakers and special thanks to Gary Virgina, organizer, from Gays Without Borders.


MC Gary Virginia, Gays Without Borders

Donna Sachet - Importance of IDAHOT

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LGBTQ Crises in Chechnya, Africa & the Middle East

Patrick Carney, Founder, The Pink Triangle

Melanie Nathan, Executive Director, African Human Rights Coalition

Subhi Nahas, Founder, Spectra Project


Janetta Johnson, Executive Director, Leadership Team of TGI Justice Project

Tribute to LGBTQ Victims Worldwide & Donation Offering

#Resist the Trump Administration

Tom Ammiano, former CA State Assemblyman

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Celebrating Freedom for US Whistleblower Chelsea Manning!

Lori Nairne, Queer Strike

Jeff Paterson, Courage To Resist and former

Chelsea Manning Support Network

Chelsea Manning Flashmob Dancers & Celebration Cake

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