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IDAHOT in the Castro

African Human Rights Coalition is co-sponsoring IDAHOT in the Castro, San Francisco. Melanie Nathan, African HRC Executive Director is a featured speaker. Thanks to all sponsors and speakers and special thanks to Gary Virgina, organizer, from Gays Without Borders.


MC Gary Virginia, Gays Without Borders

Donna Sachet - Importance of IDAHOT

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LGBTQ Crises in Chechnya, Africa & the Middle East

Patrick Carney, Founder, The Pink Triangle

Melanie Nathan, Executive Director, African Human Rights Coalition

Subhi Nahas, Founder, Spectra Project

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Janetta Johnson, Executive Director, Leadership Team of TGI Justice Project

Tribute to LGBTQ Victims Worldwide & Donation Offering

#Resist the Trump Administration

Tom Ammiano, former CA State Assemblyman

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Celebrating Freedom for US Whistleblower Chelsea Manning!

Lori Nairne, Queer Strike

Jeff Paterson, Courage To Resist and former

Chelsea Manning Support Network

Chelsea Manning Flashmob Dancers & Celebration Cake

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