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Kenyan Attorney General Appeals LGBT NGO Court Decision

The Kenyan Court's groundbreaking decision which ruled in favor of the regstering the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC) as an NGO under the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Board Act, is now being appealed by the Kenyan Government.

The Attorney General for kenya and interested parties filed a Notice of Appeal in the High Court of Kenya this month and the appeal has now been served on Petitioner.

The lawsuit was filed because the board had refused to register the group saying that the name of the organization was “unacceptable,” noting also that Kenya’s penal code “criminalizes gay and lesbian liaisons.”

Eric Gitari the original petitioner in the case noted on social media: "We have been served. The Appeal is on. The AG is 'dissatisfied' with the judgement in petition 440 of 2013. The Constitution protects us all in this country and it shall prevail!!"

The victory Judgment can be read HERE.

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