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Nelson Mandela Foundation Addresses Xenophobia | We are AFRICA

After a week of horrific Xenophobic attacks against immigrants, migrants and refugees in South Africa, here is a message fom The Nelson Mandela Foundation:

"Xenophobia is an expression of a terrible failure of memory. We are forgetting the long years of struggle against ethnic and related forms of identity mobilisation.

We are forgetting the support given by the peoples of the African continent to the struggle against apartheid. And we are forgetting the legacies of liberation stalwarts like Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada and many other veterans of the struggle.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and Anant Singh and Videovision Entertainment call on all South Africans to take responsibility for embracing the hospitality that defines our democratic order and to work together to find solutions to a problem which is destroying lives and bringing South Africa shame internationally.

We urge those in leadership positions to lead. We encourage all who can lead to become leaders. We offer you this short film to be inspired to find humility and leadership in whatever contexts you find yourselves in."

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